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Why Meerkats ?

In choosing the right name for our Club, we searched for one that would represent the values that we wish to instill in our children through this sport. Meerkats demonstrate qualities essential to strong teams: they take care of one another while respecting themselves as well, while enjoying the benefits of belonging to a group.
Meerkats are known for staying on their feet to be on the lookout and avoid being surprised by predators. They are always on alert, have a strong sense of smell and are hard workers.
They tend to live in large groups and can be very friendly, but above all, they are very disciplined regarding their social habits. Every morning Meerkats stand in line before the rising sun to warm up, they groom each other and all go out together to hunt.  They show many acts of kindness amongst themselves. All of the elders of a specific colony look after the younger members teach them survival skills, while also protecting one another. Some act as guards while the others play or gather food, in order to warn them of any predators. If a warning is given, the guards allow everyone else to run and hide before worrying about themselves.

In other words:  "They act as a team". 

Great strength lies in numbers

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