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Our Coaches

Juliana Mieth

Head Coach - Coach Under 12

Juliana has been playing field hockey since she was six years old. She was introduced to the game by the Club Arrows/Pueyrredon en San Isidro, Buenos Aires. From early on, she became interested in teaching and motivating others by sharing her own experience and did so throughout the twenty years in which she played in Argentina.  At fifteen, she began coaching the U7, U9 and U12 divisions. 
In 1998 she moved to Miami and missed the game terribly. Luckily, a good friend, and currently a fellow Meerkats Coach, introduced her to a group of Argentinean women who belonged to Miami Field Hockey. Here she began training and playing once more. As a part of this group, she was able to 
travel to New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Boston, and West Palm Beach to participate in open tournaments.

In 2008, she began working with Aventura Field Hockey as an Assistant Coach for the U9 division. In 2009, she became Coach for the U9 division, in charge of logistics (communication with parents and players). 



Coach for U7 and U9, as well as Assistant Coach for the U16/19 division with Degsy Espinall. 

Responsible for organization and logistics of all divisions. 

Named Head Coach, in charge of the U9 y U16/19 divisions. 

There were significant changes this year and Juliana took over the entire club, creating “Aventura Kids Field Hockey”, overseeing Coaches for the U7, U9 and U16/19 divisions, while forming a new group for U12/14. Players were taken to Orlando’s ESPN Worldwide Sports Center and also Atlanta and New York for the U16/19 division.  

Head Coach of the U16 division for Florida United’s first two-team presence formed to play other US teams.

September 2013, she created with a group of parents "Meerkats Field Hockey", been her role as Athletic Director and Head Coach of Under12/14/16.  
Member of US Field Hockey Association 
Level I Coach Accreditation - US Field Hockey  

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