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Our Coaches

Fabiola Valdivia Gabilan

Coach U10

Fabiola has been playing field hockey since, she was 7 years old and started coaching in 2010 when she was in senior high school back in her country Chile.


She coached in the U12 división, last year a group of 25 kids, where 8 were selected to assist weekply practices with the National Adult players and coaches with other players their age, developing a select group of players that will one day become part of the national team.


Since she started training she has teams of U7 till U16 under her wing, when she came to US to finish her studies, she found Miami Surf Field Hockey eam, where she was introduced to Juliana, where she saw her fit to participate in Meerkats Field Hockey program.



2013  Chilean National Championship with Dunners Field Hockey - 2nd place


2014  Chilean National Championship with Dunners Field Hockey - 3rd place.


2015   Miami Cup - co ed team - 1st place  and also awarded the MVP Awars for the Women Division


2015   Atlanta Cup - Women's Division - 1st place


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